Letter from the owner.

Hello, my name is Adriel Ross. My passion is figuring out how optimise my mind to allow it to create as genuinely as possible.

I remember first developing this inspiration from looking at great works of art. How had these people created such beautiful things? The works seemed to hold a certain harmony.

I began to be fascinated with the state of mind of the artist creating. I began to see how a healthy body can play a incredible part in this puzzle. A healthy body, I am convinced, is a tool that can make us create perfectly, even if we want it or not!

Rudolph Steiner speaks about creativity beginning only when the senses are left behind. I believe that bad health makes us stick to our bodily senses; makes us adapt to the material realm. A healthy body is harmonic and is cabale of receiving inspiration on a constant basis.

I feel like creativity in the world at the moment could do with some help. It has always wanted a little guiding hand to be honest; but perhaps ‘now’ is an important time to support it.

And so where do herbs come into this?

Medicinal herbs feed us in such profound ways, they don’t make us yearn for things of the body anymore. When we are nourished and supported bodily, we are well prepared and fine tuned to receive the signals that we want to hear - the signals of unbounded freedom.

Our genius actions, done so effortlessly, feeds the will of our neighbours; make them take the first incremental steps.

Have a blessing of a day!


At Letgo we take it day to day. Each day a new challenge arises and our goal is to stay true and allow good energy guide us in whatever direction it might want to guide us. Building this brand has ultimately been a study of ourselves and the society around us. It is tapping into feelings of good and allowing that to dictated the decisions and actions to move towards. Embark on this journey with us! Let’s be dedicated in bringing out only things that are truely good for humanity.


  1. Source amazing quality herbs. Give customers are chance to get results.
  2. Support the market of younger generations. Provide affordable prices.
  3. Bring out amazing and valuable information. Bring Scientific, traditional and personal perspectives.
Most importantly, we want to be major players in a movement that instills hope and sparks positive momentum in our society.

Let Go is here to heal those seeking to be healed.

We hold quality products and price them at the most affordable prices.

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