The primary aim of this company is to get the best quality herbs possible. If a person is curious about a herb they deserve to get the right thing.

Here are some specifications that determine our quality:

We harvest the herbs at the right time.

Our herbs are harvested once they have reached maturity and their most nutritious stage. Our Astragalus for example is only collected at around 5-6 years old, with a diameter of 2-3 cm.

Essential oil restoration.

Many herbal companies seem to forget this important process. Essential oils can be lost in the extraction of the herbs. We ensure this doesn't happen by "trapping" the oils and blending them back into the extracts.

All our herbs are either wild-crafted or organically cultivated.

In fact, we keep closely linked to the ancient Dia Tao practice of herbalism. This means our herbs are only sourced from their spiritual homelands. All of our herbs are grown in pristine regions and are free from chemicals, fertilisers or genetical engineering. Our wildcrafted herbs are grown by throwing seeds into their natural environment and are left to grow naturally without human interaction.

Heavy metal control

Our herbs are tested for heavy metals independently. We keep them under the 1ppm. Other companies on the market are satisfied with 2ppm or higher.

Carefully controlled extraction procedures.

Most of the herbs on our list are extracted with purified water as the extraction solvent. With herbs that contain heat sensitive components we use a low-temperature process to preserve the potency of the herb. Herbs like Reishi and Chaga contain necessary tripenes, which can only be made bio-available through alcohol extraction. We use both purified water and organic rice ethanol for such herbs.